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Anfield International Heritage Centre - QUESTIONNAIRE



We are about to approach the HLF to discuss the best way forward to fund a purpose built international heritage centre (similar to the Glasnevin Centre in Dublin - well worth Googling - look at the 'online shop' quality, ‘education' and the way they present themselves) which will be built on the footprint of the demolished C of E Chapel - Anfield Cemetery. The project has been very well received - with support from a number of key players. The objectives are to put North Liverpool on the international tourist map, serve local community needs, improve the local economy and give an added sense of pride and belonging to people in the area.

The whole concept is recognised as 'the missing piece in the Anfield Project’ (AP). The AP is a £260m regeneration scheme for Anfield - launched about July 2013 and is now in its second phase of consultation.

Income will not only come from tourism - but from those attending funerals throughout the year. Last year, thirty eight cremations took place (on average) each week. Income will also be generated in other ways and jobs for local people as well as roles for volunteers will be provided.

We have architects providing pro-bono work (Comtechsa) - and they’re coming up with great suggestions and plans to tie in with the AP.

The next stage is to get a pre-feasibility study and feasibility study done (by about August/September this year) and influence the AP by demonstrating that support exists for such a centre. ”

Simply click on the link - fill one questionnaire in and click the ‘Submit’ (Done) button.

The deadline date is the end of April 2014!

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